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Mother, Wife, Educator

I am a Christian and proud Hispanic American. I am a wife of 23 years to Daniel Sandoval. A Mother of five and a licensed teacher with class room experience. I am active in our community as a Sunday school teacher for youth and a leader of a support group for women. I love my family, my country and community.

I have four children in Ventura County public schools, ages twelve to twenty two. One in middle school, two in high school and another in Community College. Each of my children are in special education. I am running because I believe our schools are in trouble and are in desperate need of a parents voice and common sense leadership. I believe our schools have lost their vision for the very reason they have been in trusted, which is to educate our children.


My Vision is to be a parental voice on the board that focus's on children first.

My Goal is to be an advocate for common sense educational and fiscal policy.



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